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Payment & Refunds

Payment will be possible via PayPal. If that is not an option for you, a bank transfer can be arranged.


We will ask you to confirm your spot with a payment of at least 50€.

These 50€ are not refundable, no matter why or when you cancel.


We offer to split the remaining payment in two rates, but you are of course always welcome and encouraged to pay the full ticket price or a higher rate at an earlier point of time if you can. These are our minimum deadlines:

Deadline // Amount due (Standard / Community / Reduced ticket)

Within 10 days // 50€ / 50€ / 50€

10.02.2024 // 80€ / 110€ / 60€

10.04.2024 // 90€ / 110€ / 60€

If you fail to meet them, the orga team reserves the right to exclude you from the event - this is to say, please reach out to us and communicate if you have troubles in good time. If we don't hear from you, we cannot help you.

Curious about what your money goes to?
Check out

Refund policy


In case you need to cancel your participation for the event, we will of course try to fill your spot with people from the waiting list.

But experience shows that the closer we get to the event the less likely it is we can find a fully paying participant.
The following refund rules apply (minus potential bank fees - if the refund goes to an account outside Germany or to non-Euro PayPal)

Cancelation // Refunded amount (Standard / community / reduced ticket)

Up to 01.02.2024 // 170€ / 220€ / 120€

01.02.-01.04.2024 // 50€/60€/ 50€

02.04.-30.06.2024 // 20€/ 40€/ 20€

from 01.07.2024 // 0€

Refund in case of cancelation of the event


Yes hello, Corona might not be a super acute thing right now, but wether it hits again or we just get a new pandemic or other catastrophy, nobody knows. However, we are of course very hopeful that we'll be able to safely run the events. We do want to be transparent about how much money you will get back in case the larps have to be cancelled. We need you to read the next part and agree to it before you sign up to our larps - it's the only way we can organise these events right now with the financial risks that come with it. There are downed payments for the location involved that we won't get back in most cases. We are not at a point yet where we have the financial buffer in our organisation's bank account to fall back on should drastic things happen.


As a rule, you will receive a refund according to our general refund policy. Meaning that if we e.g. have to cancel the larps on the date 20.04.2024, you will receive 80€ back, everything on top we will try to make happen but we can't guarantee it.

Is our website hurting your eyes? Honestly, same. Check out our accessible version here.

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