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Imagine a larp weekend without the larp.

Imagine no panic about getting into costume. No workshops that take up a whole day. Imagine there’s nothing you must do, at all, imagine not having to calibrate that scene, not having to worry about whether you played that confrontation to your fullest potential. No stress, no forced endings, no bleed. No explaining your weird ass character background to the npc coordinator to try and brief them on that scene you need the half-spider-cyborg-Fae npc for. 

Imagine you could have an afterparty every night. Imagine you could bring your kids and they could hang out and play with your international friends’ kids. Imagine you could chill all weekend in a hammock and chat with the people you call friends even though every time you meet, you pretend to be someone else. 

Imagine Trashcon 2024.

Still confused?

Don't worry. Read more about what this event is about under

When? 22.-25.08.2024

Where? Alte Nudelfabrik Zeitz, Germany

How much? Standard price 220€
(Reduced & Sponsor tickets available)
What's up with this guy?

This is Goatboi. He is a Goaticorn. (If we hear you mumble the word "cow" around him, you'll be found and brought to justice.)

Goatboi lives without a name in sadness, therefore we will democratically vote on his name and give it to him in a grande trashy namegiving ritual during Trashcon. We're really only making this entire event for him, there, now you know.

The deets

Is our website hurting your eyes? Honestly, same. Check out our accessible version here.

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