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Listen, we love larp. In fact, we are volunteer larp organisers, that’s how much we love larp. But sometimes, we wish we had the chance to just hang out with our larp friends without having to larp. 

And that’s exactly what Trashcon is about - a weekend for socialising, for co-created low-key activities in a magically rustic location, for coffee in the sun and for table tennis tournaments and catching up and making new friends without having to have type 2 fun with them first.

Trashcon is not about larp academia either. Like, don’t get us wrong, you can talk about larp as much as you want (and let’s be real, we all will because we’re nerds and love to talk about that thing that connects us) but there will be no program items discussing the theory behind intersocial relations in post-nordic modern larp culture (don’t come at me, I made that title up and have no idea what it’s trying to say either). There will be program items that invite you to be silly humans and connect with the other silly humans around you. While learning is, like, super cool, it is not the goal of Trashcon. The goal of Trashcon is to connect and be cosy, not to write the 100th larp manifesto of the year. (#NoShadeIntended #ALittleShadeIntended)

Most importantly, Trashcon is defined by what YOU want to bring to it. We are providing the framework but we want you, the participants, to be in charge of the activities. You can plan them beforehand or offer an impromptu thing on location. We are here to help you along the way and provide you with the logistics, to make sure that on location everything works out - but without your input, we’ll just be sipping coffee in the shade all weekend. Which, don’t get us wrong, is also fine. ;)

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