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We want you to provide activities that you would like to experience with your friends without having to larp. Yes, this also applies to blackbox- or chamber larps. We are not aiming for those.

We are aiming for offgame experiences (wild, isn’t it?)

To give you some inspiration  over which kind of activities we’d think would be cool, here are some ideas. Feel free to grab one of them or make up your own! 

Dancing in the Moonlight
A midnight gathering with a shitty bluetooth box in the yard to dance to 80s tunes

Ye olde tabletennis

'tis self-explanatory

Rant Night
Get on the stage and deliver your maximum 3 minute rant about whatever bothers you in life. Keep it funny instead of hurtful. 

A Fun Ritual
Who says that we can only do rituals ingame? Let’s create a ritual to summon a randomly drawn deity and see what happens! Yeehaw!

An event that gives you the chance to make a powerpoint presentation about whatever excites you and talk about it for no more than 7 minutes.  The 10 top funfacts about sponges? A deep dive into ridiculous sodas of Latinamerica? Go for it! 

Pelmeni Workshop
Learn how to make this gem of slavic cuisine. Limited spots available.

To put your ideas into reality, here is what we can provide you with on location: 


  • Conference-style rooms including projectors, power plugs, sound

  • Alternatively, a space in the outside inner courtyard

  • A certain amount of party equipment, e.g. lights, sound, fog

  • Microphones

  • Paper & Pens

  • Chairs, tables & benches

  • Two table tennis tables

  • If you have special equipment you need, you can ask us and we might be able to bring it. 

After the sign up period, we will send out a form to ask for your ideas and work them into a program. We'll include more information on possibilities and rooms there but of course you can also shoot us a message with your questions (:

Is our website hurting your eyes? Honestly, same. Check out our accessible version here.

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