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The Team

The Trashcon team hails from Poltergeist LARP, a registered organisation originating in Germany. We are friends, lovers, dancers, family and most importantly, we like to create stories with you.

Now, the story of Trashcon won't consist of faeries and beautiful harvests under the golden sun of autumn (We're referencing our other larps here, nevermind if you haven't been) (join us some time tho, will ya) but we hope it'll consist of tender moments, kind words and lots of chill connection.


It is important to us that you know that, here comes our catch phrase, we are a bunch of leftist queer trash. Our events, our work and our souls forever belong to the crazy notion that people should be treated equally with radical respect and kindness and that everyone should be given the room to be who they wanna be unless who you wanna be is an asshole in which case, we don't want you to be around us. ;)

We don't think too highly of the status game of being a larp organiser (but we also know it's hard to avoid, even with the hardest of attempts), so we compensate by making fun of ourselves and taking it all with a bit of a winky smiley in our eyes.

If you are not okay with our political views or feel like our events have a secret agenda, then really, that's okay. You don't have to join us. But if you would like to, we're sure we can learn something from each other. :)

Lastly, in case you were wondering: Yes, we do all our graphic design ourselves. We're very proud. We really got an eye for this sort of thing, you know.

To give you a feeling of who we are, we all answered three life-defining questions for you.

1. Which Taylor Swift Song is your anthem?

2. What kind of font are you?

3. What kind of Goat are you?

Is our website hurting your eyes? Honestly, same. Check out our accessible version here.

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