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August 22nd to 25th 2024



Nudelfabrik Zeitz (Link)

Paul-Roland-Straße 7, 06712 Zeitz, Germany



Trashcon is for roughly 130 participants above the age of 18.
It will be possible to bring your child as long as it isn't older than 6 years old and you are the legal guardian. Please read our information on children at TRASHCON below under "Things you might like to know".



The event will be held in English.


This is the standard price for one ticket to TRASHCON.


This is a ticket for those of you with additional resources to help fund the experience for other participants who are on a budget. For every Community Ticket our participants purchase, we are able to offer one more Reduced Ticket to someone who otherwise can't afford to go!


For each Community ticket, we can offer a Reduced Ticket to offer to players who otherwise couldn't afford to join the event. The goal here is to make the larp more inclusive and available to, well, more people.

Easy kid

This ticket is for your child that is no older than 6 years and that does NOT require an own sleeping space - either because you're bringing a travel bed or because it sleeps in your bed with you. The 30€ are therefore only a small price we ask to cover food. If you have trouble finding a solution to make this happen logistically (i.e. transporting a travel bed), please write us an email, we'll try to help you.

Big boi Kid

This ticket is for your child that is no older than 6 years but DOES need their own sleeping space. The reason is simple: It is taking up a space that otherwise would go to an adult participant. Therefore we unfortunately have to ask for the full price.

What do we expect from you?
  • That you have read our Code of Conduct and agree to it.

  • That you read our emails and react when we need you to.

  • That you pay on time please. <3

  • That you are interested in a social, not-larping, co-created experience full of larpers.  

Sign up process

We have decided to leave the sign ups open until shortly before the event since we didn't sell out our spots - meaning, there is plenty of space for you to still join at any time! Once you do, we will reach out to you with an information bundle including payment information. We ask that you pay in the very least 50€ as a confirmation for your spot and, if possible, the installments whose deadlines have already passed. If that is not possible, we need you to reach out to us and let us know when you can pay the installments instead. :)

Things you might like to know


We want to align some expectations here. TRASHCON is not an event aimed at children. But - we are parents and recognise that sometimes, larpers miss out because it's difficult to find a place to stay for your young children while you're away larping. And we feel you. Therefore we want to make it possible for parents to bring their young children (under the age of 6) to TRASHCON. We are not allowing children older than that because we want this to be a space where adults can comfortably be adults and don't have to watch out for teenagers etc.

We are not guaranteeing or expecting there to be activities for the little ones (but we give room for it - so if you would like it, make it happen! If in doubt, write us and we can make it happen together!) and we do expect you to be responsible for your kids still, obviously. This is an event aimed at adults. Adult content will happen. Knowing larpers, this will include amongst other things drinking, partial nudity, heavy smooching, talk about heavy smooching and the sex, talk about violence and heavy mental topics, etc. You know, adult things that happen in the real or the fictional larping world(s). You are responsible for what your child witnesses. We also ask you to keep your children away from the partying places after dinner.


There will be a babyphone powerplug station in the main social area after dinner. We recommend a babyphone solution that transmits to your phone since other devices' reach might not be sufficient.

How to get to the Location

We are in the fortunate situation that Zeitz is very easy to access by public transport. The location itself is a 10 minute walk from the Zeitz main station. If you have a lot of luggage, you could take a cab for up to 10€ (that's our estimate anyway) but it is really very walkable. Supermarkets are closeby as well, just bear in mind that they are all closed on Sundays.

We recommend that you find your way to Leipzig, the nearest big city (40 minutes by s-train to Zeitz) and maybe spend the night before the event there. If you're flying, you can try to get to the Leipzig airport but it's crap, so Berlin would be much better. Going from Berlin to Leipzig by train is 1.5 hours, 2 hours to Zeitz. So there is a range of options for you to plan your travel, even without a car.


The venue is sadly not wheelchair accessible but we can mark activities as mobility disability friendly if they are on the groundfloor and prioritise groundfloor room assignments to people with physical limitations. 

To get to the groundfloor of either of the two buildings, you need to climb a set of stairs.

All website information will be available as audio. Emails will be given as audio on request or if you let us know beforehand that that's something you need :)


You will share a room with 1-4 other people. We try to make roommate requests possible but cannot guarantee it. As a rule, you cannot be alone in a room (if you absolutely need it, we will try and make it happen) and you need to be okay sharing a room with up to 4 other people, space- and noisewise. We cannot fix people snoring in your room, it is simply outside of our control. Most rooms share a bathroom with other rooms.
All sleeping rooms are in a separate building from the activity area, sharing an inner courtyard. Therefore we hope that most party noises will be kept away from you.

The mattresses are decent but as it is with mattresses, everyone has their own opinion on them and we cannot tell you if they'd be comfortable for you or not. It's a conference location used to catering guests but it's not a 5 star hotel, so there will probably be people who do not like the beds. ;)

Food & drinks

All food will be vegan. If you have special dietary needs, you can let us know at a later point after sign up and we will find out together with you whether we can cater to them or whether you have to supplement your own food. You will not receive money back if you cannot eat the provided food. Access to a kitchen is available to those who medically need it. Anyone may bring their own snacks, drinks and food and it doesn't have to be vegan for yourself (but if you are not medically obliged to, you will not receive fridge space. That is reserved for people who need it. :) )

You will receive 8 full meals : One on the evening of Day 1, three on Day 2 & 3 and breakfast on Day 4 before departure.

We are working on the exact solution for food right now. It will most likely be a mix of food provided by a volunteer team and some of the meals being delivered by a caterer.

As per the nature of TRASHCON being a co-created experience, we will also ask for you participation in some food related tasks like cutting veggies or cleaning some pots. Don't worry! We are not asking u to spend 3 hours every day in the kitchen, but if everyone does a small task of half an hour over the whole weekend, we can make sure that our volunteers also get some time off to join the fun. (Also, kitchen party anyone? ;) )

There will always be access to water, tea and coffee.

We are going to have some drinks available for purchase (such as sodas and beers) and will use a trust system and stamp-cards for that.


Alcohol will be allowed at this event but certain activities may require participants to be sober. 

We expect you, at all times, to drink responsibly and we reserve the right to send you to bed if you are too drunk.

In the evenings, there will always be a socialising space designated for sober-only people. We will also offer the Sober Buddy buttons throughout the event for people who are up for being approached and help people out who might need a buddy to help them out, emotionally or practically.

Event schedule

You will receive a more detailed event schedule closer to the event once we know what activities you're planning.

We'll be honest, there'll probably be a dancy party every night because all the organisers are huge dancefloor sluts.


Smoking will be allowed in the inner courtyard in dedicated areas.

Dust Allergies

At previous events, we realised that parts of the location are potentially problematic to people with dust allergies. At TRASHCON, we are mostly using the renovated parts of the factory that are NOT affected by this, however - we are considering expanding some activities to the unrenovated areas that have the torn-down-factory charm that we love so much about this location. It'll only be an option for activities that don't require electricity but it might be the case. If you suffer from severe dust allergies, that might mean that you cannot attend all activities - but we do promise to have plenty activities going on in the conference areas and the courtyard as well. :)

Emotional Safety

As this is not a larp, we will not be having an emotional safety person on location. We expect you to be able to navigate this event as you would be able to navigate any other social situation in your real life.

If shit hits the fan though, we are there - to help resolve conflict situations and to worst case act if unsafe behaviour occurs and needs to be dealt with. If you have a problem and need help, we are here in our organiser capacity, we just do not offer explicit emotional safety labour for this event. If psychiatric help is needed, we will no matter what call professional help as we (or any emotional safety person at any larp ever) are not equipped or supposed to handle real medical situations like that. We hope you understand. :)


Please remember that if the nature of this event is potentially triggering to you - it is safer not to go. For you and for others. But that is up to you to decide and we trust you with it!

Covid-19, our old friend.

In case of another pandemic situation of whichever extent, we might have to put some measures in place on location. Unless it becomes necessary, we will not require testing or proof of vaccinations. We do think however, that it's always cool to test anyway. ;) If you show any symptoms of acute sickness, we'd like to believe you to show common sense and do a test. We believe in you. <3

Smooching, Sex & Nudity

We know this will be a thing. It is okay and we're very happy for you if it happens. Yay.
We trust and require you to always work on the base of enthusiastic consent with whatever you're doing with whomever. If you're starting to think "Maybe we should move it to somewhere private", move it to somewhere private. We will not allow public sex, please find a private corner somewhere.
You may be as nude as you want as long as your genitals are covered. This is to say: It's likely gonna be warm and / or you wanna feel cool and fabulous, so we don't care if you're bare-chested or short-panted or whatever, but cover your junk because hygiene and because seeing someone else's junk is not for everyone.


Sadly, the location does not allow for you to bring your dog or other pets.

The location does own their own dog that is occasionally seen in the yard. It is super friendly and very cute but if you don't want to interact with it, you don't have to.
Service dogs are obviously an exception and are very welcome..

You made it to the end of this page, good job!
Now you know a lot of things!


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